About Us

SWIPE Media is an influencer agency and Social Media Powerhouse which obsesses on teaming up with influencers and support them to make their dreams come true. We manage influencers’ brands and create brand ambassadors and strong partnerships. It’s our mission to put our influencers first. Our goal is to be the best foundation for our influencers.
Influencer dreams. Our mission.

We Want To Influence The World

Our influencers are influencing the world We support our influencers creating value for their followers and spread positive messages through various social media platforms. We work closely with our influencers and support them in every field of their brand, e.g. sponsorships, content creation, strategic planning, mental fitness and more.

Meet The Team

They make it happen.

Alexandra Sól Ingolfsdóttir

Owner & CEO of SWIPE Media

Elvar Andri Guðmundsson

Head Designer

Gunnar Birgisson

Owner & Co-Founder

Kristófer Þór Pétursson

Head of Production

Nökkvi Fjalar Orrason

Owner & Co-Founder